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Rise of the Phoenix (Brethren Guild)

Archaetius, Jun 28, 13 8:09 PM.
Our brethren guild, Rise of the Phoenix and all things pertaining to both guilds will be posted here.  Rise of the Phoenix was originally Brethren of Blood and is/will be treated as any other Brethren of Blood guild; we were forced to rename one of the guilds after the servers merged.  Hence, Rise of the Phoenix was born.  
An officer in the Republic guild, for example, would be an Officer in our Imperial guild, including members, IC, Apprentices, etc. with exception to the GM.  We have individual GM's; one for each guild.

New Games for B.O.B>

Syeess, May 23, 13 3:43 PM.
Neverwinter Online Beholder Server go to that address to get the client
we also have plans for Elderscroll online and Everquest Next

Brethren of Blood News Updates

Archaetius, Feb 15, 13 5:32 PM.
Site is live and paid for!  Check out our forums for helpful and entertaining guides.  The site contains Brethren of Blood information and events; updated regularly.  Check back often, for news updates!

        Welcome to Brethren of Blood! We have been around 12+ years on many games, and we're pleased to be a part of Star Wars: The Old Republic. We are a casual, friendly guild with an emphasis on fun. Our focus is on helping guildmates level and gear up for endgame play (PvE & PvP).

        We have an amazing, helpful and passionate group of officers, second to none. Their dedication to the guild and its members makes 'Brethren of Blood' the wildly successful guild it is today! I would like to personally thank all our officers and members, from the bottom of my heart, for their hard work, donations and service to the guild.

                                                                                 -=Archaetius (GM)=-

P.S. Thank you Jibbek/Syeess for your work as Site Admin; it looks great.

Here's a little treat from Eskorsia's forum post: 'Easter Eggs' .... Enjoy!
SWTOR - (easter egg) SNL "Night at the Roxbury":

Cerberus(left) and "The Jibbek"(right).  Nice moves guys.


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